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Tina Hirsig is a visual artist working in Charleston, South Carolina.  Her art practice consists of creating compositions through drawing, photography, and collage. Recently, she has been pushing the boundaries of these disciplines of art by fluidly blending them into mixed-media sculpture.  



    A vital part to Tina’s creative process begins with observation drawing in nature. It is these quiet moments of looking/listening that inspire and direct new work.  These drawings are sometimes designed into her sculpture while other times serve simply as a process of learning and thinking.  A natural extension to this quiet practice is her voracious reading habit.  Research in the disciplines of Science, Education, Art, and History adds depth and context to Tina’s interdisciplinary art process. 

    During the not-so-quiet days raising two young boys, Tina collects objects (natural and artificial). Her collections of weathered stones, rusted metal, books, or antique objects found in thrift stores or roadsides serve as direct physical connections to the subject matter  she studies in her work.  These weathered artifacts are a tangible link from Tina’s past, growing up with antique-dealer parents and to her present as a visual artist reflecting on culture. Working with found objects enhances Tina’s ability to create this personal and physical connection in ways that just drawing onto a flat plane cannot.



Tina Hirsig’s years of work in Education and Art Advocacy have lead to work with collaborative partner Laura Gaffke. Collaboration is a fundamental thread woven into Tina’s practice as an artist.  She believes that building a community of dynamic interactions and interrelated processes is creating a new and important framework for creating art in the twenty-first century.    These two artists, in revealing their process and creating a new sort of permeability with the audience through technology, are redefining the artist from solitary to collaborative.

    Laura and Tina started collaborating during graduate school at Goddard College by developing a course of study about peer-learning and co-authorship. This resulted in drawing exchanges, mixed media artwork sent through the mail, written and spoken conversations, as well as workshops presented.  This year they have brought to completion a two year collaboratively made visual book they have exchanged through the mail, exhibited a series of work at a gallery in Charleston SC, started a new co-created project titled Two Artist: One Surface, and developed a dedicated following to their blog. 

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