Tina Hirsig is an interdisciplinary artist and educator in Charleston, South Carolina. She constructs a traditional art practice of drawing and printmaking together with the assemblage of found objects to explore the culture of education in contemporary society.

A vital part to her creative process begins with observation drawing in nature. It is these quiet moments of looking/listening that inspire and direct new work.  These drawings are sometimes designed into her sculpture and mixed-media work, while other times serve simply as a process of learning and thinking. 


As the daughter of two antique dealers, Tina discovered an early love for found and repurposed objects. She is fascinated by how these items, once discarded, are now cherished by the collector. Her collections of weathered stones washed up from the ocean, abstractly shaped rusted metal found on a busy street, books on how to teach from the early 1900’s, abandoned nests in the trees of her yard, old keys piled in a box at the flea market, and feathers collected by her son, combine and interact to create new meaning.  Layering is key to this improvisational act of assemblage. The process of image transfer prints invites this layering of two- dimensional objects such as maps, hand-written notes, standardized tests, sheet music, photographs, computer scanned images, and graded papers from her son’s educational experiences. These objects and processes serve as direct physical connections to the subject matter Tina studies in her work.

Collaboration is a fundamental thread woven into Tina’s practice as an artist and teacher.  She believes that building a community of dynamic interactions and interrelated processes is creating a new and important framework for creating art in the twenty-first century.  Tina Hirsig’s years of work in Education and Art Advocacy have lead to work with collaborative partner Laura Gaffke.  These two artists, in revealing their process and creating a new sort of permeability with the audience through technology (blog, Facebook, Twitter), are redefining the artist from solitary to collaborative.


Tina Hirsig exhibits her sculptures, mixed-media, and collaborative work in solo and group shows nationally and in a variety of publications.  She is currently being represented by Matthew Campbell Studio and Gallery in Greenville, South Carolina.   Please view the following webpages for further details. 

“Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.”

~James Russell Lowell